"My Most Embarrassing Moment"

I never thought I would ever experience something such as this... It's usually something I would see on television or a movie. Who would even think they would ever go through such an embarrassment...as I did. So that is why after so many years I am now getting the guts to say what I kept inside for a so long. It may not seem so crazy and embarrassing now, but it sure was than.    


     I remember it, as if it were yesterday. I was in 8th grade attending Goddard Junior High School and it was the last day of school. Waiting in anticipation just like everyone else was, counting down the minutes when the bell would ring….Waiting, waiting and waiting till finally….RIIIIING, School is out!!! Students including myself were yelling and running everywhere. You could hear lockers and doors slamming in every side of the building. Books and papers flying all through-out the school and trash cans being dumped down from the second floor with the excitement and relief of no more school, it was crazy! I, just as excited as all rest, ran hysterically down the stairs with my hands full of all my school things wearing my Silver pumps and long, flow skirt. I was so in a hurry rushing down skipping steps along the way to reach the bottom, for I knew my mom was outside waiting....Suddenly, BAM,BAM,BAM! Down the stairs all my things and myself tumbling head first to the cold bottoms of the floor feeling the sting and slap of the hard floor among my body, I laid there stunned and silent, hoping that bones were not broken and blood was not coming from anywhere. When I regained reality, I lowered my hands feeling for any signs of broken bones and blood, but felt nothing, but a cool unknown breeze among my bottom. "OH, MY GOD!" I thought to myself, "Could it be?"...I than slowly lowered my hands towards my bottom and low and behold, my butt was in full bloom. The day when I had nothing else to wear, but my never been opened package of bright, white, GRANNY PANNIES, exposed for all to see. I could feel the redness taking over my face with so much embarrassment and humiliation, which made me incapable of moving. Right when I was about to get up and run the heck out of there hoping that no one had seen my little incident, I suddenly felt my skirt being pulled back over my bottom and a voice saying... "Are you ok?” "Oh no" I whispered to myself, answering, "Yeah... I think so." Then I quickly put my hands in front of me to lift myself and noticed the three jocks of our football team standing right there looking over me. One of them extended his hand to help me up while the other two got all my scattered things together. I guess they didn’t want to embarrass me more because they seemed not to mention my little accident, but just stood there smiling, handed my things to me and told me to have a great summer. All I could think of was running, so I did. What else could a girl do knowing that three guys saw her underwear and they weren’t even sexy? No, I am going to stay there and have a conversation…Right, Whatever… I don’t think so!!

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LOL - great story; I had something similar.