Beware..this Is Gross

Ugh. I hate how your flow suddenly gets heavier when you go from a sitting position to a standing position.

Now this is embarassing--I was laying down, wearing shorts. And when I stand period hit me so heavily that not only did I leak, but blood started dripping down my leg, and onto the floor.

gross, I know...but hey.

porshibabi36 porshibabi36 18-21, F 7 Responses Jan 19, 2009

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I heard about a baby that got her period. the mom was changing the diaper and found blood. she took her to the hospital and the doctors said she had gotten her period. I feel soo bad for that baby....she was only two

I heard that babies that are breast fed and newborns sometimes have their periods because they\'re still affected by their mother\'s hormones. Wonder if that has something to do with it.

I'm the same with u I am 13 got full breast and lots of discharge to but. No period

don't trip i didn't get mine till i was 15, so you should be fine.

i havent gotten my period yet! im 13 but ive had alot of discharge!<br />
??? im confuzzzed! ??? What is wrong? helppp

I thought I had got my period during a ballet exam but I couldn't really check, so I just had to keep dancing. By the end of the exam my leotard (red) had a dark, wet patch on the front. Embarrassing! I wonder what the examiner thought. She didn't give me a very good mark.

My bff got her first period at my birthday sleepover about 2 days after me.She went to the bathroom and came out and told me she needed my mom i asked her why and she told me she had just got her first period and wanted to go home.I told my mom and she gave her a pad we talked for a while and then my mom told her the story of how i thought i was dying and how my brother was the only one thier it cheered her up and now we joke about how she had caught her period from me it is much more easy having a period when you and your bff get it the same week and have like the same cycle

My first peroid was the most horrible thing that could ever happen to a 9 year old.It was june 13th about 2 in the afternoon my mom and dad were both working so it was just me my 16 year old brother and some of his friends over i was sitting in my living room watching a movie when i really had to use the bathroom i went upstairs to the bathroom and when i sat down i saw a redish color of blood in my underwear(i was only 9 so my mom had never mentioned to me i would get a period)i was in major shock and thought i was dying or something because it did not seem normal to be bleeding from that part of your body.with much delay i screamed for my brother at the top of my lungs his room is only 2 doors down so he came running to the door asking me what was wrong.(i am a very private person and dont like the idea of my brother in the bathroom with me)but i was dying (lol)i told him to come in and so he did i looked at my brother and told him i was dying he looked at me and said what do you mean you are dying i told him crying about the blood in my underwear and where it was coming from my brother then looked at me and said dont worry your not dying i think you just started your period i asked what a period was and he told me that women get them every month and that having a period meant i could have a baby when i was older.he handed me one of my moms huge pads and told me to put it in my underwear and that i would be ok i did as he said and when i was done my brother told me to sit on the couch and watch tv until our parents came came home.when my parents arrived home my brother told them i started my period and how he told me what was happening,this was very awkward for me,because my parents gave me a little talk and bought me pads that fit and a book on puberty,even tho i was embarrased i was glad my brother was thier even tho he told his friends about what had happend in the bathroom that day.I will remember my first period for the rest of my life.