Mile High Period

I was flying to a conference and had fallen asleep in my seat I woke up after about 90 mins with a horrible wet sensation under me I was a bit groggy and reached under me thinking I dont remember spilling anything and my fingers come out covered in blood so I am sitting on a plane in a yellow of all colors dress with blood stain on the back, my dam period decided to make its aperence over a week early I have wacked up hormones and bleed just about one week in three anyway but this was a new low so not only do I have to try and cover myself up getting my bag down where I thank god had a cardigan to tie round my waist with the prospect pf having to underss and wash myself in an aeroplane loo I then have to tell the stwerdess (thank god) that i have bled all over there seat, and beg for a pad to put on which she dosm't have so I have the further embarrasment of her asking her collegues and several pasangers untill she found me one

kim1980 kim1980
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2 Responses Mar 8, 2009

Me being a male, I unfortunately had to deal with this situation. . It was embarrassing to say the least.. The females that I was with acted like they were going to die! Now that I am older I find it a little amusing now!