My first physical exam happened in regular dr office so it seamed I am 15 year old boy and it started out with the nurse calling my back and taking my vitals then she told my to follow her down the hall and we entered a huge room that looked like an operating room for surgery . She then told me to get up on the table but there was leg raisers so I asked what about those things on the end of the table she said just ignore them then all the sudden my doctor came in and he told the nurse that he could handle me from here and told her to leave he then looked at me and said aright clothes off and on the table now. So I slowly took off my shirt and then my pants and walked towards the table he saw my and said no those too and he was talking about my underwear I did as he said then got on the table he walked over lifted my legs into the metal raisers and then he said we have to be safe and he brought leather straps over and fastened them around my legs and then he grabbed my hands and tied it to the table over my head. So now I'm completely naked with my hands and feet tied to a bed in front another guy( my doctor). Then he walked be hide me and a minute later a black mask was forced onto my face and I woke up in a room by myself with wires glued to my head and my feet and a tube in my mouth I tried to move but I was tied to the floor. Help help help that is all I remember. But I have no idea what the hell. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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2 Responses Aug 19, 2014

WTF did I just read?!?!?

That was a wild ride from start to finish.

Aren't your parents supposed to go with you though? Strange that they didn't.

Crazy ****, bro.

Of course c: