Her Smile

She has a smile that captivates and when you see it, it warms your soul
But when she frowns, she is so fargone, forlorn

Those who know her try and bring it back, and it is there for a while
Oh what they do, just to see that smile

It radiates what is good, and what is inside
Waiting to come out and not hide

She thinks, she ponders, and wonders why
Why does she do that all the time?

Going over things she cannot change
Wondering if things can ever be the same

She is like a butterfly ready to spread her wings
Waiting to experience and try so many things

Been in a cocoon for far too long
Will she find it, that happiness she seeks?

Someone, or something makes her weak
Making her believe it's all a mistake
PL466 PL466
46-50, F
1 Response Jan 9, 2013

No road we choose is ever a sure thing! Good luck PL!

You are very right about that. Thank you A.

You're very welcome! :-)