The Cowboy Angel.. T T

TT and I met on Myspace in September 2007, he was from Baltimore, MD. and going through a hellish separation. I even helped him get courage up to contact his son and daughter from a prior marriage. We shared a love of music and sex and stayed up into the small hours, sharing dreams. I told him deeply intimate things and even wrote erotica about him. He was tall, with long strawberry blonde hair and amazing green eyes. I wanted to lick his tattoos until he screamed "Mercy, darlin'!". I was swept away.

In May of last year, I found out he was not interested in a lover relationship with me and was actually moving to Oregon to be with S., our mutual female friend. To this day, even though I am happily in love with my Mikal... My heart is still hurting.

Damn you cowboy angel.

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4 Responses Feb 22, 2009

Amen sister, I agree. x

I still have romantic dreams about my 'ghost' - it ****** me off too because I hardly ever dream of Max. He was such a different man from Max, and not as good to or for me - I guess he just plays in different areas of my subconscious.<br />
*Sigh* I guess it is just part of the past shaping the women we are today - I treasure Max more for having my 'ghost'. The real thing is so much better :)

Yup...TT has inspired two blogs on here...and I just effin' hate him for it....but still remember how safe he made me feel.

Its odd how the one who got away can haunt us despite being fully head over heels for someone new. For me I think its a bit like grieving for a missed opportunity - Im totally over him and Im extremely happy with Max but I feel sad for what might have been.