He Locked Me Out

my husband is a tree surgeon and I am a housewife, and i spend most of my time cleaning our caravan. Today I didnt do a good job. I was tired because I am 3 months pregnant with twins, and lately I have had a terrible spot in my back thats sore and has started hurting more and more when I move it. I think I slept on it wrong. I had done most of my cleaning, and i had some to catch up on because Ive been having a hard time getting everything done lately. I took a long nap, and the whole day i had forgotten to let our dog, Royal out of the caravan.

My husband came home and i had heated up a simple dinner that was mostly canned. When he was eating, he said something smelled like sh#t. At first I thought he was just trying to be mean, but I could smell it too. We looked over toward the bed and Royal had taken a poo on the floor! Pa exploded, and I tried telling him I let Royal out to ****, but he was disgusted by the poo, and he was furious Royal had been waiting so long. So he pushed me out of the caravan and locked me out.

Its a pretty crowded caravan site, so there were people looking at me. The door of our caravan doesn't face many people, it mostly faces a wall of bushes, but there were people who could see us and some who could definitely hear us. I was asking him to let me in and he was shouting back, I dont know how long it was I was out there. When I stopped screaming and crying i just stood there, and when I thought to start leaving, he unlocked the door and let me in. He went right to bed, but I still had to clean the sh#t off the floor. The smell of it made me throw up!! Now i am just exhausted, I want to sleep on one of the bunks instead of next to him, but i think he is already asleep. Im just upset, tired, and its been too emotional for me.
poppyjoy poppyjoy
22-25, F
Mar 13, 2013