I've Learned I Had To Let Go Of The Past.

My mother  has a short fuse. As do I, which I hate. It only reminds me how much I'm like her. I'm what she always wanted to be, and I, still, at times, resent it.

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When I was in my teens my father and I did not see eye to eye. When I left home and my parents split I had no contact with him for over 8 years. After then it was tenuous. Years went by and I was talking to his brother. Apparently their Dad went to war when they were about 6/7 and didn't get back till after the war finished and the boys were 10/11. He was a POW. The family had grown and when he tried to put his foot down they rebelled. He didn't know how to cope. So my dad hadn't learnt how to cope with me as a teenager. <br />
I didn't want to know him in the early years because of his attitude to me and I had the same traits - the ones that I resented in him. <br />
I was working abroad and invited him to join me for a holiday. I was 40 - 26 years since I left home.<br />
We talked, had some tears. We're not the best of friends but I don't hate him any more.<br />
Grow through it. Be stronger, wiser, better, you'll be happier for it.<br />
Good luck. f2w


Me 2! But just know you can change it. I deal with my mother better than ever and Iam less angry but im not there yet, I gotta keep going. Your okay hun, you can get past this, alot of people have emotionally abusive parents, we just gotta try not to recent them and realize they have problems and we can be bigger and better than that.

Thanks, shine. *hugs* :] <br />
What you said really helps.