The Exotic Stranger

I must say that out of the many things that has happened in my life this has to be one of the strangest. I am a well traveled woman who had traveled the world and experience many different cultures. I have always loved and been with men from foreign countries. I am American to the core but have never really been attracted to men here.

I have been married several times and all of my husbands were from overseas. My last marriage was to a gentleman that I met  while doing some traveling and research in the South Pacific. It was rumored that these people were cannibals long ago. He was the son of one of the local chiefs. I went back and lived in his village off and on for a while he then came to the United states and we were married. After 10 years of marriage we just about went our separate ways. We had a beautiful child together.

As I was piecing my life back together  and figuring what I would do with after our separation then something strange happened. One day while working in a major city at the transportation center, about 3am in the morning a tall extremely attractive young man approached my desk and asked for directions on how to get to another state. He seemed upset about something and a bit agitated. Immediately I felt as if I knew him. Why I did not know. I continued to talk to him and give him directions. I then questioned why he wanted to get to another state so desperately at that time of morning. He said that he had gotten into a horrible altercation with his wife while on vacation in the city we were in and some friends and had left them. He also stated that he was unhappy with his marriage to  her. I for some reason felt compelled to ask what country he was from. He replied to me that he was from a small country in the south pacific.......exactly the country were my soon to be ex-husband was from!!!! at first I looked around for cameras because I thought someone was playing tricks on me. I spoke to him in his native language and he nearly passed out!!! In a city with millions of people he finds one that speaks a unique and rare language like his own, it was mind boggling. After he composed himself he asked me if I were originally from there. I said no, but I was married to one of his fellow countrymen. He stated that I also resembled the Native women from that island.

We proceeded to talk and he said that he was also married to an American woman and that he was very unhappy with her. He then began crying. I really felt bad for him. He asked about my husband and I told he we had broken up also. I consoled him a while and sent him on his way to the bus station for his trip to another state. After a couple of hours he returned as I was about to go off duty. He said that he had to come  back to see me. He just still could not get over the fact that I had been to his country and spoke his language. I told him I would be getting of in a few minutes and we could have coffee and talk more.

When I got off duty we had coffee and talked about his situation and marriage. He had  been married several years and they were both young. The wife was selfish and mistreated him badly. It also seem to be a clash of cultures. He said that they had met in his country when she vacationed there,  pretty much like how I met my husband. They were both young and in there early 20's. I asked him what he planned to do. He said he wanted to explore the city even though he did not know it to well. After he cried a bit more and said he really wasn't happy and wanted to leave her,  I tried to console him by telling him he has to think about what he wants to do as marriage is not an easy thing. I told him I am going home and if he like he can come to my home and relax and think things over. I told him I would not disturb him. He agreed.

On the trip home he asked about myself and commented on how I was kind, understanding and attractive. I felt somewhat ashamed as he was twenty years younger than myself. I have often been told that I look much younger than my age many times over. He also commented on my youthfulness and me not looking my age. I was also a little flattered that I had this gorgeous exotic young guy next to  me complimenting me.

When we reached home we had a light breakfast and tea. I could tell that he was very comfortable in my presence. He asked me several questions  in his language and I answered as best I could each answer impressing him. We chatted for the next couple of hours. He said he was tired and would like to lay down. I offered him  a spare room in my house. He said I would like to ask you one more question in my language. As best I could understand it he asked if he could make love to me. He apologized but said it in a very kind but innocent way. I was at a loss for words. I thought to myself here I am 20 years older than him. I had an older son who was 20!!! I said I don't know what to say.......I am not really embarrassed. I was lying. I could have turned to a pillar of salt at that very moment. I looked at him, his gorgeous physique, beautiful smile, broken heart and sad exotic eyes and said. Go upstairs, I will take a shower and come up we can talk. My heart pounded, it raced with nervousness. Yet I anticipated every moment of what it would be like to be with this young man.

After taking a shower, putting on some nice perfume by estee lauder. I made my way up the stairs wrapped in one of the souvenir sulus that I had brought back from his island. I stood in the doorway my jaw dropped!!! He was laying in the bed no shirt on and the sheet pulled up to his waist. He had a beautiful tribal tattoo on his arm. Strong with muscles rippling in every direction. He was like are you okay. I said I am fine. I had something in my hand and it hit the floor I scrambled to pick it up. After composing myself I walked over to the bed he reached his hand out to me pulled me close and gave me the most softest sweetest, most passionate kiss I must say I have had in years.  i stood up and untied and dropped the sulu showing him my breast and everything else. He was like oh my god!!! He made love to me as if he hadn't done it in a while. He was very passionate and intense. At one point he began sobbing and I soothed him and spoke gently to him as he continued. It was the most incredible lovemaking I have ever had.

We got dressed and went down stairs and he said thank you for being kind and understanding. I then sent him on his way back to his wife and her friends and his situation. I told him this is something he has to deal with. Think things over and have a plan if you want to move on. Let her say what she wants and try to hold your tongue for the time being. As we waited at the bus stop we grabbed and hugged each other as if we had known each other for a very long time. I wanted to keep him but he wasn't mines to keep, I wanted to perhaps love him but he was a stranger, so much younger and wasn't mines to love, but only for a moment. As the bus pulled of he turned an threw me a kiss. Who was this exotic young man that had come into my life from so far away?

I know I would probably never see him again. I did give him my telephone and told him if he ever needs someone to talk to he can call. I find myself wondering what his life will turn out like.

Glad to have shared this story.


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It can be so memorable. Thank you for sharing.

Very interesting story lady. I had a few encounters like that during my life and was blown away by the intensity of some of them. It seems the unexpected liasions were some of the sweetest and most passionate times in my life. I can understand how the one you had could leave you with such warm feeling.