A Social Epiphany

I was driving in my care, remembering this one jerk who had not stopped for a fire truck so he could cut in front of me, so when I caught up to him I honked and flipped him the bird and he then asked what it was for so I explained. he denied it then said, "whgatever, that's cool" like he's on the maury show. His theory apparently was, pretend to be happy and that is supposed to make someone less angry. Actually it made me MORE angry. I then thought, what could he have said that would have ACTUALLY made me less angry?
Then I had an epiphany and it dawned on me. If someone is mad at you, say something that will stop them in their tracks and make them go, "what the ****?!" and get confused. I thought, I could totally use this on my husband! Next time he is mad about something I will say something totally unrelated and off the wall. He will be like, "grr, your alarm clock going off woke me up this morning and you kept hitting the snooze" and then I will say, "hey, those flowers on your head are pretty" or, "hey, I could really go for some blueberries right now" lol Or maybe answer in pig latin... not only would he go, what the ****???!! and forget what he was saying, but he will probably start laughing!! (hopefully) --I know I would.
So as I was driving I had planned on getting some subway at the drive through, and had an excellent, somewhat related idea. I wonder what would make me have that reaction from a CUSTOMER, that would get me to laugh? I got it: when I order my toppings, I will do something annoying that customers do: ask for a topping we don't have, like ketchup. Only I would take it a step further to be funny instead of annoying: I will ask for a completely non-existent topping, something ridiculous, like...sha-mooka-poo!! I could not stop laughing when I thought of it. Finally I drove up to the drive through and tried it but the lady said she "could not hear a word I was saying"--Fail. But meanwhile I was cracking up, lol.
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LOL! This was very amusing, I loved this story.<br />
Random comments yes, this will shut them up! Very clever...I will try this!