I Have Them All The Time.

It's odd (and this is going to be short and a bit non-specific), but I have a knack for getting insights quite often. It only developed relatively recently (2 years ago), but my intuition and the frequency of me experiencing epiphanies has heightened/increased quite a lot. The latest major one was me realizing that despite the progress I believed that I had made in coping with my depression in the last year, I still depend on people and that, in some subtle ways, I was seeking a dependent and parasitic relationship unconsciously with a girl I liked so that I could pull myself out of my rut; which I had known previously to be a horrid strategy for interacting with others in general and even worse for one's self esteem. That's another thing. I sometimes ignore or undermine my own epiphanies or insights. I'm a very confusing person.
Polymathica20 Polymathica20
18-21, M
Jul 13, 2011