A couple of nights ago me and my family went out for a meal, and then headed back to the house for a couple of drinks. When it was only me and my dad left, we whipped out the cigarettes, turned off the television and my dad turned on Leonard Cohen. We talked about some of the songs and its lyrics. Then we talked about people who we both hate. Bono being the mutual one. Then my dad something to me, that I'm not good at finishing things.
Which overlooking on it I am not. It's not like I do everything half-arsed its more, not putting the final touches on things. He told me all the things I had done in my life that I never finished. I wanted so desperately learn how to cycle a bike, which i didn't finish learning, same with not learning the Saxophone but I did learn the guitar and piano.

After he went to bad, I had a "My name is earl Moment"...I wrote down all the stuff I hadn't completed, like albums i didn't have the patience to listen to, all the work that i remembered i hadn't done for college(even though it was past its time period) even to computer games, I make sure that I complete the game 100%. Sadly though there is one that I cant do, for financial reason, a trip to Vegas..............But who knows?
Daveokay Daveokay
22-25, M
Sep 27, 2011