It Feels Like I Had One Just Now.

I've always had trouble understanding other people and now I think I can see why.

I think the reason that I had trouble understanding other people is because I myself am not a very judgmental person. I've never been one to judge other people until I get to know them, which I think made me blind to the fact that other people are much more judgmental than I thought they were. I did of course know there are judgmental people out there, but what I hadn't realized is that most people will judge things as simple as what shirt you wear, the firmness of a handshake, your mood, and other small things like that.

This may just be common knowledge to a lot of people, but to me this is utterly mind blowing. So many things I've never understood in my life suddenly makes sense.
tjlkitty tjlkitty
26-30, M
1 Response Apr 16, 2012

Me too. I've don't judge and people judge everything they see. I've always have wondered why, it's so very weird to me too ^_^