I am a god. No really, I am. I create, and I destroy. I only know for sure that I exist.
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That all just sounds like metaphysical nonsense to me.

Yolo.<br />

You're setting the bar for being god pretty low!

A god of what? <br />
<br />
You said "a god" which does not imply an ultimate God, in my mind. <br />
<br />
Are you a sub-god? A Norse God? Greek...Egyptian... what? <br />
<br />
Or do you mean you have a God Complex? Virgos tend to be egocentric. =)

You say you're God because you create and destroy. <br />
That is proof that you exist.<br />
However, proof denies faith. <br />
Without faith, God is nothing.<br />
<br />
Therefore, you don't exist.

Are you sure you exist? What evidence do you have?

you are right man. god is all that is. i am god to.