It Only Took Therapy, Drugs, Alcohol, Doctors, And Being Hospitalized... But I Finally Got It!

I fight depression, I have been fighting with it almost my whole life, and it wasn't until one lonesome night on a psych ward, that I finally had my epiphany...

For the longest time I thought I was fighting myself. Fighting my own thoughts and feelings and urges. Through listening to the other people on my ward, people who fought with bi-polar, depression, addictions, etc. I discovered something, my depression is a disease! It is a horrible disease that is eating away at my mind and my demeanor.

My epiphany was that I don't need to fight myself anymore, I am fighting Depression.

And this simple thought in my head completely changed my approach to my depression. Looking past the depression, I know who I am and I know that I am a loving, beautiful person who wants to live and has the capability of happiness- and as long as I believe in that and push that part of me, I can fight, and I will defeat my depression.
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2 Responses May 16, 2012

Depression is actually an officially recognized mental illness and if you can say that you like who you are then you are well on the path to recovery. Good luck

thank you so much, i can't express how good it feels to hear (or read) that. just wish my dad could recognize it as a mental illness... thank you

Self confidence means caring what people think of you but knowing that you are a good person. Good luck

Very inspirational :) I hope you come out on top against it and continue to bring love and beauty into everyone's lives that are lucky enough to surround you.

thank you so much:) I sure hope I do too!