God Is Love, Not A Doctrine

I realized this epiphany over the span of a few months. I questioned things in the Bible.. I thought about a hypothetical someone who is in an undeveloped land and has grown up in poverty, and was sick of it, wanting better for his family, for himself.. This young man screams out a word which I do not know, and he says "Help me o great one! I need you my creator!! I know you are there! I feel you!!"

According to the Bible this man will burn in hell.

According to many religions this man would not enjoy the riches that God/ Yehwah/ Allah have planned for us...
Rewind a minute to the man's early ages. People scattered the earth, speaking multiple languages. Put yourself in God's shoes for a minute. You have these chosen people that you love, and they scatter the Earth. They do not write perfect documents, and they are curtainly not perfect.

He wants all to know of his love and of his existence. If I was there I would go to every tribe and every village so that each individual knows. I believe he did. However every different people would now believe and fight to the death for their God, not considering that their neighbors aggression and will to fight for a different God is actually a desire for the same God.... That's kind of a problem huh?

I do believe in Jesus, I do believe that God loved and saved gentiles before him however..
Now I will ask you to put yourself in the bad guys shoes.. Satan

Imagine you are stupid enough for a minute and you made a choice to go and make war with The God of EVERYTHING. It is an inevitable war you will never win. This chess match of the ages has taken a big turn for God's side because Christianity is spreading like wildfire for the first century AD.
My move
I would kill off the Christians, and it is easy because they call on the lord very audibly.
Satan did this through the Roman Empire, which accepted any religion of the lands they conquered except for Christians... odd huh?

The thing about the persecution that occured is it spread awareness of it even faster, pitting people in arenas declaring their love to God all the while being tortured..

My move.
I would go and screw with the message of Christianity..
In 335 the council of Nicea occured.. Catholic (Catholicism has changed from this time to now and if you are Catholic I mean no offence) priests and cardinals gathered by the call of Constantine, who was a pagan himself and saw a religion to unify his people. (a unified people is a taxable people) These men that decided what books would be in the Bible are the same ones who told many people that in order to go to heaven they must pay money to the "church" as well as confess their sins to another human being..

Look this grand deception of mankind up. God loves all, Forgives all and wants everyone to succeed.. There are dark people in the world, and they have meddled with what God wants. Start with yourself and open your mind to different cultures and beliefs, they have been that way for a long time, and the same they remain.

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.
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The general Protestant belief is that the church had been degraded in it's doctrine over the Centuries. That's what brought about the Reformation in Europe. Also ,indirectly, brought about development of the U.S. Constitution. "We are endowed by our Creator with certain inaliable rights...."