Epiphany One

I know this is not an original thought, none of them are but regardless of who ever got credited first with this one, I have gone and reinvented it as happens with lots of people. Rediscovery is essential for the future for our kids to continue culture and so on.
I realized while waiting for sleep one night that a belief is NOT an accomplishment.  They are really just opinions that I refuse to ever reconsider.  It is easier to have a belief, it doesn't require growth and therefore yeilds no wisdom.  The intensity of your belief= the intensity you resist growing and changing, and being proud of that probably means you just made your belief part of your Ego...maybe your Id.  So defending the belief is imperative to preserving YOU which might help explain why those who must fight for it with the most ferocity have the most to lose by failing to defend it.  If I am really, really honest with mine and expose them to scrutiny I should never be afraid of loosing one.
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Dec 14, 2012