I Never Knew It Existed

I was on a humanitarian trip (NOT MISSION) to Cambodia this past summer. Cut the crap. We were in Phnom Penh and 4 of us were antsy and wanted to get out of the hotel. The four of us and one group leader crammed into a tuk tuk, if you know what that is you'll know fitting 5 people into one wasn't easy. We were there on the tail end of the monsoon season. We left our hotel and started, literally, putting around. 

Then it started raining. It was about dusk and we were looking for a little convenient store. Apparently in all of Phnom Penh, none existed, thanks driver. So on and on we went for about 30  minutes. It started pouring. Now none of us in the United States understand what pouring means. The sky went midnight blue and you couldn't see in front of you. You were enclosed by gray sheets all around. It was raining so hard that it was coming straight down. Next, it started thundering. I have never heard such loud clear thunder in my entire life. Monsoon storms are so much stronger than normal thuner storms. All during this time all 5 of us are singing, the appropriately titled, "Singing In The Rain". And were soaked. Except me =]. Next, came the lightening which surprisingly wasn't as strong as the thunder. It was subtle, unlike the thunder. After an unsuccessful trip we headed back to the hotel. As we pulled up to our hotel in front of the American Consulate, we saw an incredible sight. We saw children swimming, yes I said swimming in the street intersections. For one it was disgusting! They're sewage system is so bad it backs up within 10 minutes. And there water is brown. And I mean can't see throught it muddy, excremental brown. And we had to walk through it thanks to our driver. Yay for Hepatitis!

Through the whole ride I sat, eyes wide out the side of the tuk tuk in total awe. I had never witnessed something so amazing before. Seeing an entire unknown city through a freakin monsoon, that's a hell of a way to travel. but the rain and the thunder felt pure and strong even though it was gentle at the same time. I never knew such a feeling of amazement and happiness and purity and speechlessness existed. I just never knew how much in awe I could be of something. I just never knew.

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that must have been a powerful experience.