What Happened?

Hello, I'm new to this, but I enjoyed reading these stories, so i decided to join.  Anyway, A few years back, I had this epiphany, and it really scared me in the sense that a part of me wants to know, but the other doesn't.  It's like I'm at peace not knowing, but I can't be whole without knowing.

Here it goes:

Have you ever had somebody in your life that you thought you knew, or you just hung around with?  It could be anybody, like a babysitter, or old friends, or even a teacher.  What I thought about all those years back was: what ever happened to those people?  It's is scary because I was once young, and I had a babysitter that seemed so mature and respectable.  I'm now their age, but I don't feel like them in the sense that I should be as mature or respectable as I thought they were.  It just came back to me that I'm wanting to know what happened to these people I once knew.  How are they?  Are they successful and happy?  I don't know.  I want to know, but I also know it doesn't matter, because my life matters.  I'm going to university next year, and I don't feel mature mentally even though my grades are straight A's.  That babysitter I mentioned ran into me recently and I found out she had become an engineer!  I couldn't beleive it!  It just seemed like yesterday when she babysat my brothers and I.  She had completed high school, and university, and majored in the field I would like to major in also, mechanical engineering.

I guess what I have to share with you all is that I realized time flies too fast.  Sometimes I haven't been the greatest person, son, or friend.  I've had my ups and downs.  I just wish I could turn time back to be better, and to enjoy the time it's taken for me to grow up. 

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Mar 19, 2009