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My Sister Saw Me Hard

One day when I was about 10 or 11 I was in my room but the door was not completely closed as I thought I was the only one in the house. I was totally naked and touching myself to get hard, I love looking at my erection and stroking it. I was unaware that at the door was my sister watching me and seeing me hard, I even faced her but I was so enjoying touching myself that I didn't notice her. I walked around the room but it was only when I heard the door creek I realised I wasn't alone. I went to the door and caught my sister looking at my hard on, initially embarrassed I realised that I was actually feeling different than normal, I was so horny. I used this experience to fantasize and ********** many times.
My sister still kept asking if she could see my erection, I had no problem to show her and a few times her friends too. Even now she sometimes asks and has done for years and I am so used to it that I still have no problem to show her, now she sees me all shaved.She likes to compare then and now! I love to surprise her and I certainly did when I was naked and hard waiting for her to call at my house recently. I covered my hard **** in oil and waited for her, I wish I had a camera when I saw her face!!
nudeboi80 nudeboi80 26-30, M 4 Responses May 30, 2011

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That's pretty much how mine started. My sister is three years old than me. At first it was kind of awkward. She came in the bathroom and stared at my ****. It got hard right away. There was pre-*** on the end. I wiped it off and was so sensitive it that I shot my load everywhere. My sister was very supportive and cleaned it up as I stood there in embarrassment. She told me it was normal and healthy for boys to do that. The rest of day I waked around in a daze. I went back in my room to do it again I was so aroused. She must have know what I was doing. She asked if she could watch again. I saw how much it turned her on and that really turned me on. After that it happened all time. She would always ask for a show. Our parents never knew. More dangerous it was the more we both liked it. It frequently happened with people near but not knowing. In the summer it was non-stop because both parents worked. It happened in the mirror when she would blow dry her hair in the morning, in the car, out in the woods, watching TV, in the garage. The hours I spent spread eagle on her bed are countless. I could not wait for our parents to leave. Soon as we were alone I would get hard and the pants would come off. She would even wake me up at night if we missed a day or two. Those were one of the best. At night should would let me rub her **** and I would shoot right away. There is probably not a place it was not tried. The best is when we where somewhere else. She would get so fired up she would do it for me or unfasten her bra and stick my hands up her shirt. This happened in the family change rooms at the pool, in dressing rooms at the store, at my grandparents, in the hotel, ba<x>sements at friends house and at the park. When she was wearing shorts, we both loved it when I would shoot on her leg.<br />
<br />
It never escalated to much more. After she got married, she got naked for me a few times while I jacked off on her bed. By that time I was over 18 and the game just kind of ended. She lives in another state now. I only see her 1-2 times per year but we still laugh about it. If she asked me to do it again, my pants would be off in a second. I still jerk thinking about those great years.

A shame it ended and that it never escalated

Sounds s lot like my sister(s)

sounds so fun. always good to share, no need to be selfish! lol

A great story! It sounds like it was fun for you,<br />
your sister, and her friends!