Every Ride Has The Potential Of Being An Erotic Ride!

I tend to be a "fair weather rider", but when I ride I always wear all the right gear! It's only in the past 20 years or so that I've started wearing Spandex biking shorts, and I remember the first time I wore them I was in a perpetual state of arousal.  Even nowadays, I enjoy the freedom and the comfort of wearing padded shorts, and the friction of the Spandex rubbing against my **** is enough  to get me hard, and sometimes to the point of squirting!  Then there is always the excitement of meeting other riders on the road, and checking out not only their gear they're riding, but also the "gear" they're hiding!  As I've mentioned in other stories, I admit to having a pudendal obsession, as far as females are concerned!  I just can't stop looking!  (Thank God for sunglasses!), but some of the beautiful bulges and bubble-butts seen on the bike-trails are simply magnificent to behold, not only those of the women but those of the young girls also!  Roll on summer!!!
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Dec 12, 2012