HAD Is the Operant Word Here

we dated in high school & almost got married, but he cheated on me and hurt me so badly that we eventually parted ways.  ever since then, we have kept in touch off and on, even went out a couple times--but nothing serious ever came of it.  he was and is an alcoholic and a cheat and i have never been able to get over that.  but he has kept hoping, all these years, that we would get back together.  he said he would always consider me "the one". 

he has been with several women over the years, but never married any of them because he says that they dont compare to me.  he has held onto the feelings he had for me in the beginning and has tried to get me back repeatedly.  the thing is, he's always with someone when he does this, and i won't be the "other" woman.  it's either me exclusively, or nothing.  anyway, i've come to the conclusion that he has retained his cheating nature from way back when, and that he's really not worth my time.  so i decided a while back to clear him from my mind for good and get on with my life.

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4 Responses Jan 19, 2008

there must be a common denominator or something. they're all the same, it seems. woe to those of us who fall for their line of BS.

You know who this guy sounds like?!!! :)<br />
The f**king ***** was exactly like that except that she was not an alcoholic and she was in "natural" stuff and "meditation". I guess that is the polite word for being a *****. Meditating b*tch!

i totally agree w u . once a cheat, always a cheat.

he sounds so much like my ex. the combination of being an addict and a cheat and babbling about me being the one. except when he is trying to get me back it is usually me that has a boyfriend. even so, guys like this always seem to be unfaithful, and they are such a mess.