i met him when i was in eight grade. he was in my spanish class. and p.e class.


me and my bestfriend used to make fun of him and say, "SORRY. i dont speak danish."

i never thought he was attractive or anything.

then in tenth grade he added me on myspace. we started talking and i started to like him.

a crush soon turned into a relationship. he was never touchy or anything. like he was nervous to hold my hand. it was really weird though because he was ALWAYS around. i never just had time to hang out with my friends at school unless we were at school. he never kissed me. but he was nice. i couldnt deal with the constant hovering. and the just saying "i love you" when he wouldnt even show that he did. just take me to dinner and i would go hang out at his house and lay with him on his couch and watch family guy. it wasnt enough. fur me anyways.

i broke up with him. he was too attached but wasnt attached. thats how i felt anyways.

for the next three weeks he kept emailing me and sending me txts. he even wrote me love letters. i didnt know. i had so much feelings that i felt bad. but i knew i didnt like him anymore. but i wanted love.

on new years i watched the ball drop alone as i drank teqilla. and moped. stupid.
and then i got a phone call from dana.

he said he was having a party and he wanted me to come. having nothing better to do i said i would come. then i was regreting that i ever broke up with him. because i thought that he would be the only one who would ever love me.

so i went to the party. we played spin the bottle with an empty bacardi bottle. that soon turned into truth or dare. lmfao. and i picked dare. dana's friend chris dared me to give dana another chance. and i did. the biggest mistake of my life.

we sat and he held me.

then it was three in the morning..

and the next thing i knew i woke up on his couch and he was laying next to me.

i got up to get a glass of water. and i turned around and he kissed me. for the first time.

 we migrated to the couch and layed there making out.

i had to get home cause i snuck out and it was five a.m now.


we dated for another month or so. and i broke up with him again. because what i thought would be different was exactly the same.

i feel so bad about this hole thing. i broke his heart so bad. and he wont get out of my head.

i hate that he always is talking o my friends and ****. its like no matter what i do he is there.

and i hate it. i hate that he cant forget me. because of what i did. and my mistakes. i should have said no.




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lol yes. fur shurrrr :P lmao.

There are always restraining orders, no but I'm not sure what else to do then.

i told him that, and he said he would back off, but still i just felt that i had somebody watching my every move. :/

If you don't tell him what is wrong he can not correct it. If you tell him maybe he'll understand that you need to have "my time" every once in and while. Because your dating doesn't mean that you have to be with her all the time. See if that helps.