Okay I have to admit it. Sometimes it's very flattering knowing that someone just couldn't get you out of their head... but if that someone is a sicko... Well, that's another story. I have a few ex boyfriends which really creeps me out. One of them almost committed suicide when I broke up with him. He called me over and over again before deciding to get wasted and try to commit suicide. I spend hours persuading him not to kill himself even though I was tempted to let him do it. But seriously, he is already freaking me out as a living person. I don't want his ghost to follow me around. I heard saying that goes like people who died because they commit suicide cannot rest in peace. I know it's silly but I don't want to take a chance on that.

So, this other ex-boy chased me around. I mean REALLY chased me. He had been texting me, calling me everyday and sometimes follow me around when he thought I wasn't looking or something. I ignored him until one day he said he couldn't take it anymore and wanted to talk to me. I got scared and ran and he chased me until I get home. Thank God my house was only 1 km away from the location at that time. After that my friends were always with me to protect me from him so I guess he just give up and started dating someone else. Ugh, I really don't want that to happen again.
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I've been through the exact same thing, no freakin joke man. It's crazy, I know how it is.

Like I said... It's a different story if that person is a sicko... e.e