Thats What He Said

hi, im a 6th grader and im worried about my ex boyfriend who is and 8th grade

heres my story

it was in the middle of summer and i didn't really fit in with summer.
anyways i met my ex "juan" during that time at a public pool near my house.all the boys there were kinda cute, but they didn't like once they got to know me was a really nice day, and i went to the pool with my two friends maritza and marlin ( their bro and sis ). i went to go hang out with maritza who was too popular for me, and then thats when i him. he already had a girlfriend at the time so i was cut off away from him.i hung out with him every time he was there when i was too, then i saw juan's girlfriend run off  in tears to the girls bathroom. then i never saw her again for a couple of weeks.

after those weeks i started wondering why juan never had a sad face after the break up.he would always get jealous when some other guy i knew was talking to me. he would always go near me even if i went to the girls bathroom before i left the pool to go home. then after that he would ask " where are you going"  or "are you leaving" . i had a really bad feeling about what he was doing.then thats when the trouble began

a week later he asked me out etc. and then i said yes ( big mistake ). then when school started  he asked me "hows school going" i said " it's hard and crazy". then he looked away from me.

long story short: he is stalking me ( my version )  and im not friends with him anymore.

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If you get a new guy, possibly stonger to at least pose as your boyfriend, he will back down. guys work in ranks of anarchy. juan, will be outta site and you won't have to say a word to him.

i think i already did, plus i already have a new boyfriend now