All Of Them.

I feel sort of bad for all of my past relationships because 6 out of 6 of them, I was the one who ended it with them and 5 of them still want me back... (the 1st one met someone and got married after 4 or 5 years....but rumor has it, they're unhappy.) Should i feel sorry for them? I ended it because i wasnt in love with any of them except one, and they all claimed to be in love with me. Is this an unhealthy pattern? Should i be looking at myself and wondering what is wrong if im ending all of these relationships just because i dont want to be in them? I am very independent and self reliant, but really enjoy having a boyfriend and someone to cuddle with. Maybe it's just my pride. Maybe im doing all the right things, though, if they all still can't forget me. I don't know how i should look at this.
Ninja89 Ninja89
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1 Response May 15, 2012

yeAH YOU shoulD loOK AT youRSELf anD ask WHat The HELL ARe yoU doinG PushING alL tHESe guYs awaY.. ArE YoU A lEsbiAN Or SoMetHiNg?