Crazy-Obessed Ex-Boyfriend

Most stories i see on here that i can relate. Now you can probably see what i have to share.
My first boyfriend i ever had went strong for almost 3 years. Before that, I know we've liked eachother though elementry school, and we were also very close friends since grade 3.

When we both got into High School, we got more close. And eventually started dating at 14. and through the 3 years, things got more out of control, he'd cheat on me completely, beat me... i don't know how many times. But, I know for sure this was over. No more chances, and i was done with him. Everything got really scary....

My big mistake was when I got back with him. And I realized that it was wrong, and i wanted to move on, but he wouldn't stop putting me in the guilt trip. So, everytime he's put up with this crap, I always fall for it, and be stuck in that phase.
So, during a phone call when i'd try to brake up with him; he'd threathen me that he'd kill himself by hanging himself on a tree in his backyard, and says he has a noose all set for him. I'd tell him "no don't do it" sorta thing. When he hunged the phone on me, I got worried and went home. I was like really scared and hoped he wouldn't do it. And next thing I know-I hear knocking on my bedroom window, I didn't dare to check. I knew it was him. So vigorously he knocked over and over again, and then I heard him yelling and crying for my name. It got so intense I ran to tell my dad and mom. My dad feriously told him to go away, but my exboyfriend did not resist but to keep calling my name. Soon after, thank god for my dad, he called the local police. As the police got there, they picked him up and put in into protective costody for the night. I was reliefed the fact that I wouldn't have to deal with him anymore. Weight had lifted off my shoulders.

The next morning I went off to school, feeling a little upset about what happened the night before. I went to go to my locker, and as i was about to open the hallway doors towards it. THERE HE WAS. Standing anxiously by my locker. I was shocked and turned away, and walked to the cafe, and praying that I'd see one of my friends. Once I found my friend Abbu (nickname) I told her about everything that had happened to me-between me and 'the' ex. She asked for my locker combination, and nicely said she'd go and get my stuff, and then we'd be off to our classes. I agreed, and went with it.
As she went off to go get my stuff, I waited near the stairway in the main foyer next to the windowed-doors where the hallway was. It was taking a while so i thought of looking through the doors to see whats going on. As i took a peek, the 'ex' was walking feriously towards it, and saw me; so he started running. I got startled, and so I ran up the stairs, I was so scared of him, i didn't want to come in contact with him at all. As I was running through the hallways with him chasing me, I got to the girls washroom, and hid in a stall far back against the wall; hoping he'd never suspect that i ran in there. I took the time to catch my breath, and panicked again. Someone just walked in. I hid quietly, and then *BAM,BAM,BAM* it was him banging on the stall door where i was hiding in. He started to cry... and said all the things he needed to say and slammed a ring that i gave him previously on the floor. He continuely started to yell, and cry behind the stall door. I never said one word. NOTHING. I couldn't by the fact i was so scared. Until then, a saviour came in and it was the principal and the teachers telling him to get out and leave me alone. He persisted and broke down on the floor. Soon after, the police came in and removed him. I didn't get out until the guidance councellour came in and said that it's all clear... I couldn't move, but I had enough strength to unlock the door. Shakingly walked out.

Now all this predicament is over.
I don't have to worry anymore.
Mistakes learned.

xluhhv xluhhv
18-21, F
Oct 16, 2012