I Had An Ex Boyfriend Who Couldn't Forget Me

My friend and I saw him walking on the street and we kept walking after him because we both thought he was hot. Yes I guess I was stalking him but I had no idea that years later he would be the one stalking me.

We invited him for a drink. He noticed that we both had a huge crush on him but he chose me. We dated for about 2 weeks, we broke up because I moved to a different country (Canada) I remember when I told him that I am moving he started crying in front of me, he liked me a lot.

I moved and gave him my address and phone number, he phoned me and said that he is still waiting for me to come back and that he will never stop loving me and I am the girl he wants to be with forever. I didn't have any feelings for him, at the beginning yes but not anymore. I wanted to tell him to forget me but I didn't want to hurt his feelings, I thought in a few weeks or months he will forget me anyways and move on.

But I was wrong, one year later he kept phoning and mailing me, and saying he is still in love and still waiting. I thought I'd give it a few more months and then he will for sure move on. But wrong again, 2 years later he continued to phone and mail me. Then I've had it. Because I was dating someone at that time and I was sick of him always contacting me. I wrote him a letter where I told him to leave me alone and move on, I even told him I was engaged just to show him that I am no longer interested and that I'm not coming back. And It kind of worked for a year. But then he wrote me a letter again saying that he thinks that my boyfriend forced me to write him the last letter. weeks later he phoned me because I didn't reply. I told him that nobody forced me to anything and that I just want him to move on and never ever talk to me again. It worked, he has left me alone for a very long time now but I feel bad for him.

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3 Responses Jan 8, 2007

you did the right thing. sometimes kindness can only cause more pain by neglecting to be blunt... but as painful as it may be to remain entirely honest, he was clinging to hopes that were sustained in your absence. you have done all you could and now he must find the will to pursue joy of his own.

Let us hope he has moved on. It is not easy for you, nor is it for him. Let's hope he didn't kill himself...