A Coincidence

I was divorced at the time and my daughter was about two years old. Her grandpa started a new job at a local factory for quality control. About 6-8 months after he started, a co-worker announced he was getting married. He talked at great length about the wedding and his fiance to him. He started to talk about this girl he dated in high school. The "One that got away" story. After spilling his guts, grandpa asked what her name was. Sure enough, it was me. He told him that I was the mother of his grandchild and laughed. My ex seemed surprised but asked him to tell me he said "Hello" A few months later he got married. Grandpa went to the wedding and brought my daughter with them. After the cermony, in the receiving line, the groom knelt down and shook my daughter's hand. He smiled at her.

It's kind of weird that I was still thought of after all those years. I must have made quite an impression. I don't regret my decsion to break up with him but every time I think of this story it makes me smile.


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41-45, F
Feb 12, 2009