Puppy Love?

I was sixteen, and had just started my very first job. It was the glamorous position of McDonald's employee. There was a community college in my town, and we had a few people who worked at McD's from college as well as high school. His name was Kyle, and he was adorable. Funny, actually did his job, cute...I was quite thoroughly smitten.

After a week or so of working together, he'd let me look at his class ring. We got busy pretty quickly after that, and I forgot to give it back to him. When I got home, I was sure he'd be upset when he realized I'd "stolen" it. The next day, I was at home between school and work, and there was a delivery truck that pulled up. My mom had terminal cancer, and I was used to flowers and balloons. Imagine my surprize when the delivery guy asked for me. It was from him. A balloon attached to an enormous Wyle-E-Coyote (from Looney Tunes). The card: Here's your very own "Kyle E Coyote" to have when I'm not around.

Cheesy, but to a kid whose sick mom got most of the attention at home, it was incredibly sweet and added to my infatuation. At work that night, he asked if I'd be his girl, keep the ring, and whatnot.

All was well for a couple of days, until my parents realized that my new boyfriend was nineteen, almost 20. Scandalous, they thought.

We dated a little, I took him to church, he went. It was puppy love, I guess. It was the first thing I thought of as love anyway. I really cared about him. He did little things, probably what most guys his age would have done, but I was a kid, and it was wonderful.

Eventually, I was forced to break up with him by my parents. I really hated it, and missed him. Spent many sleepless nights pining over him. He had a female friend come to my house with a song he'd written for me. Really sweet. In a time of 2-3 week courtships, this five month long ordeal was a little crazy.

My mom died that spring. I hadn't talked to him at all in a few months, but he came to the funeral. He didn't let me see him, but gave his number to a friend of mine, wanted me to talk to him...

He used to drive around, following me, knowing I was forbidden to see him. I was so miserable, because I thought I loved him...didn't understand why he was hanging around a kid when he could have had older girls.

Lost him when I moved away to college...always wondered about him. Wondered what happened to him. Today, I get a message on facebook that he wants to add me as a friend. Two chubby babies, a wife...wonder why he's still thinking about me? And why after fifteen years, my heart did a little leap when I saw his name?

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Hi zanbell...I haven't met him again. We've talked on the phone a few times. Now he lives about ten hours away, but his family is about three hours from me. We always try to meet up when he's in town, but it hasn't worked out. I get a little nervous about it. Playing with fire, I guess. But after a year of emails and phone conversations, I know that even if we were both single, it would never be more than friends. We are not meant for each other. He was my first love, and I'll never forget him, but that's all he will ever be.

I am very sorry to say this,but i am very curious to know what will happen when u both meet one day,thing like that is had to forget,and from my experience,the temptation is very dangerous.But sometime,even when it hurts,u could still remain as the best buddy's.Sometimes,always remain as good friends,like my friend and i.

Hello My Friend,<br />
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You know I am usually not more than six feet from my guitars. Lets play something fun!

Yes, Guinness and I are close, but not exclusive ;) <br />
<br />
Anything will do as long as you play from the heart!

Hi Karumbey! Why do you always seem to show up when there are drinks around? I thought you were a Guinness drinker anyway...<br />
<br />
*strums a chord* *curses* *twists a tuning peg*<br />
<br />
What are you in the mood for? Shall it be lively or melancholy?

Manhattans to Margaritas ;) Count me in! Whatcha gonna play for us?

He was too old, and he was into some...shall we say... rather shady...activities. But he was a perfect gentleman with me, and respected my innocence - actually sort of revered it. <br />
<br />
And consequently, I figured out why he followed me all those times. My father had met up with him and warned him to stay away from me. Apparently he was having an internal struggle, because he knew he was in a bad place, but wanted to talk to me. <br />
<br />
AND. I have a whole liquor cabinet right here. pull up a chair, and let's jam. (You brought your guitar, right?)

Got any Margarita's left? I like mine frozen, if possible. Why were you forbidden to see him? Was he too old? Just curious.

I need a margarita..

What eva...<br />

You're one to talk, RisqueSailor.

Ouch Ouch Ouch.....<br />
Careful!<br />
Fire is dangerous...<br />

Right? I got a friend request tonight on FB from some dude...fifteen mutual friends. No one knows who he is. <br />
<br />

Ha ha! I had a Kyle too. He said something cheesy like that too with his name! But he was a tattoo artist I met in sculpture class. He was the sensitive thinking type. I had him on my myspace list and he said he "just talking about you the other day." My heart didn't leap though at the reconnect. We broke up in a baaaad way. But he's a nice guy.<br />
<br />
That's the funny thing about those networking sites. You wonder how people remember you or how they found you.

Hmmm ... you sure ??

I did...luckily he's halfway across the world, so I can't get into too much trouble!!

I think it's great! ADD him!

Nice twist at the end. Hmm, now I'm curious as well! :P

Smile # 3... You can quit now...