Xxx Sucked And Fuked

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being curious I moved closer to see what the attraction was .Well I got an eye full this guys cocck was a foot long .So He was putting on a real show these gys were taking turns sucking this guys cockk.I was astonished I'd never heard of or seen anything like it .So after a while I started watching the movie and ended up falling asleep .I felt something and woke up a man was sitting next to me and had unzipped my pants and ....yea the day I choose to wear no cockk was hard and sticking straight up .I didn't know what to do so I acted like I was asleep .It was scary and erotic at the same time I wanted to see what he was going to do .He took it in his hand and started stroking it .after about a minute a man sits on the other side of me and he is watching this guy playing with my rod .Im thinking oh my gosh what have I gotten into .So the new guy leans over and starts sucking my head while the other guy jacks me off .Im throbbing about to shoot my load I'm thinking should I say something to late I unload right in his mouth .He acts like nothing happened and keeps on sucking .He finishes and sits back in the chair .Then he unzipps his pants and starts jacking off his cocck is big and thick .The guy on the other side of me does the same thing .So here I am sitting between two men jacking off at the movies .So the guy reaches over and pulls my hand to his shaft thought ok just be calm and do what he wants so I grasped his shaft at the base and started stroking up and down ....well now the guy on the other side sees what's going on and pulls my other hand to his cocck so .i start stroking his thick shaft .After a while they both start throbbing in my hands .The first guy stands up and stands right in front of me and I'm thinking what is he doing ..he sticks that big cocck in my face and presses it to my lips I'm in shock he pushes it between my lips and into my mouth he pulls the back of my head and drives it down my throat he unloads his thick cream in my mouth ...I'm gagging and he keeps humping until every drop is in my mouth .He pulls out and I start to sit back in the seat wiping cummg from my lips and the other guy stands up in front of me and sticks his big cockk in my mouth he grabs my head an just fuccks my mouth until he shoots that load down my throat ....well apparently this didn't go unnoticed .because a soon as he unloaded in my mouth another guy took his place it was the guy with the foot long cocck .When he stuck that monster in my mouth I could hardly wrap my lips around it he pushed down my throat and gagged me .When he shot his load I almost drowned...there were a couple more guys I finished them off .I was done I thought the first two guys and the big guy pulled off my pants and tore off my panties turned me around and bent me over the chair the guy with the big cockk mounted me and stuck that big head between my cheeks...and grabbed my hips and slowly humped my *** finally it was about half way in it hurt so much I wanted to cry he then started a slow rythum in and out I got so turned on of the other guys got down and started sucking my cocck as I was being fuckedd .Finally his monster started throbbing in my asss like a drum he rammed it all the way in and it exploded in my asss creamy cumm dripped from my asss and down my thighs .I almost collapsed .He pulled out and cumm flowed from my cheeks ...I thought OMG its over soon as he pulled out another guy mounted me asss .it slipped right in because of all the cumm .He grabbed my hips and just started hammering my asss .I was so turned on he shot his load and another guy mounted me this time I was going to give him a ride he stuck it in deep and I started humping his cocck like a jackhammer ramming my asss against his hips bouncing forward and back ....another guy came around front and stood behind the seatback they had me bent over .he stuck his thick head in my mouth and I started sucking it as I was hammered in the asss after three or four more guys I was spent .I passed out ....I woke up later I was soaked with *** ...cumm dripped from my mouth and my asss there was cumm all over me ...I felt like a cumm drunk ....horr
Tonite Tonite
31-35, M
Dec 6, 2012