Hot And Amazing Sex With My Son-in-law

Had an amazing affair that started out very innocent but soon was anything but. My Son-in-law had surgery and I was taking care of him. He had a severe reaction to the meds he was taking and started itching horribly so we were trying everything to see if something would help. I read on the internet that a bath would help soothe itching. Of course, I volunteered to give him one since he was not able to get up/down, dress/undress himself. I got him out of the chair and we moved to the bathroom, as I helped him undress and get into the tub I couldn’t help but admire how sexy he was built from top to bottom with a true blessing in the middle. Then I started bathing him and he started getting an erection from me rubbing his body which I tried to pretend was not bothering me. Although by this point I had started feeling a definite hotness. We repeated the bath a couple more times that day with the same results each time with both of us getting more turned on than the time before. By the end of the day I was very much aware of him and his effect on me and vice versa. I left him that day very much aware of the dampness between my legs and the sexual desire that had started to be a constant burn. I came back a couple of days later and realized he had not bathed since I gave him one a couple of days earlier. So of course, I volunteered to give him one, bad idea, he had the same reaction to me and my response to him was immediate especially since he had been on my mind constantly. I’ve never been so turned on by simply touching a man in such an innocent way. Then when I was helping him up from the tub his penis brushed between my thighs and the desire was so strong all I could think about was what he would feel like slipping inside of me. As I was drying him off I kneeled on the floor to dry his lower half I glanced up and realized my face was at his penis I was so turned on that I couldn’t believe he couldn’t see the desire on my face. That he couldn’t see how much I wanted to touch the tip of my tongue to his erect penis. I would have loved to run my tongue from the tip to the base and back up while slowly sucking as much of him into my mouth as I could get since he is a well built man. With these thoughts running through my head it was such an embarrassing moment I was praying he wouldn’t realize what was going on in my mind. Both of us were trying to be very nonchalant about the whole thing. We then went to sit on the couch and at some point he laid his head in my lap nothing more for a while and then he would move so that his face would brush my breast and his hand would brush my thighs. I kept thinking to myself that I would stop him soon but it felt so good and before I knew it I was so hot for him that there was no going back. All we did that day was touch each other him petting and playing with me/me with him and yet I couldn’t believe how much I wanted him. The next day I had to go and stay with him for a couple of hours and as soon as I got there it instantly heated up with him rubbing me through my clothes and me pulling out that amazing penis so I could just play and admire it. The sexual tension between us that day could have been cut with a knife. We weren’t alone for a few days but every time we were around each other all I could think of was how much I wanted him. We would find some way to be alone for a few minutes and that’s all it took to have me so wet I needed to change my panties and he had a enormous hard on that made it really awkward for him for a little bit. My daughter ask me to take him to the Dr for his post surgery check up and we ended alone again. Before we had been alone for more than 5 minutes we were already all over each other. I have never felt desire that strong for anyone but him. Wherever, he touched me felt like liquid heat being poured over every part of my body inside and out. I was literally on fire for him the first time we had sex it was mind blowing. I cannot even describe how amazing it felt to feel him inside of me, moving from position to position with each of them making the sensation of him sliding in and out of me that much better it was beyond words. When it was over I could not believe how easy and comfortable we felt together it was as though we had been together sexually before. We had sex once more that day and the second time was as amazing as the first. After that whenever we happen to find each other alone we would have sex 2 or 3 times depending on how long we had. Every time was better than the last sometimes it literally felt like something from a book. Then we started making time and opportunities to be able to get together. Once I had to meet him to legitimately take care of some business us being us of course one thing lead to another and we ended burning hot for each other. So we put our heads together to figure out where we could meet we ended up at a public park in the middle of the afternoon in what should have been early spring. We met in separate vehicles and found a place to park. When I climb in his vehicle he was already hard and had his pants undone with that part of him I had come to adore already hard and ready for me and of course I was soaking wet for him, we climb in the back seat and as usual had hot amazing sex even with limited time and space. As we were finishing a car pulled in right beside us we were both still half naked, there was no doubt what we had been doing and I still didn’t care. I went back to work that day smelling like him and sex which I loved because it made the memories so much more vivid. But I would often go to work smelling him on me and feel him leaking out of me all day it was some part of what kept me wanting more. We took a weekend trip with the entire family, and we would touch each other every chance we got. By the end of the weekend I was so hot for him I thought I would burst if I couldn’t feel him inside of me. We went out on the jet-ski and I started rubbing him and him me, I had already found a place that was somewhat private so I turned in there and before you know it we were standing up on the jet-ski with just our bottoms down going at it. It was the fastest sex I’ve ever had and it was still off the chart. As time went on we got together more often and the sex got more and more intense, one afternoon I think we probably had sex for 45 straight minutes moving from one place and position to another. By the time we were finished I was trembling from my head to my feet from the pleasure he had given me. There were many times we didn’t actually have intercourse we would just pet and play with each other. I loved being able to spend 30 minutes just playing with his penis which had become a favorite toy of mine. I loved being able to take him out of his pants and slowly stroke him with my hand up and down playing with his nuts then I would slowly take him in my mouth, running my tongue from the base to the top, swirling my tongue over the tip. When I feel his hips slowly join me in the rhythm I had created I loved it. But just as often we would have amazing sex then lay together for a while just rubbing each other and talking and end up doing it again, often for even a 3rd time within a couple of hours. I can still feel him sliding inside of me and how amazing it felt. I enjoyed being able to touch him, knowing the desire that I can make him feel with my hands or mouth. How much I love touching him with both and knowing he feels the same. I have never desired another person the way I do him. We have acted out almost every fantasy we have had so far. There are a few I would still love to try but who knows what the future holds. I have never had an affair and never thought I would. The funny thing is that I don’t feel like I am cheating with him. Being with him seems so natural and normal. We have a relationship that is not built only on sex we can spend hours or even an entire day together without having sex and we still enjoy just being with each other. But we always seem to gravitate back to having sex. I don’t know what it is that makes me enjoy just being able to touch and feel him to know that I will feel the intense pleasure he brings me. It is hard to explain what our relationship has become I love him as a man and I hope the closeness we share never changes he is like a best friend to me but more. He makes my daughter happy and he is very good to her. I love my husband and would never change my relationship with him or not want to be with him he is a wonderful husband. But I also never want to lose the one I have with my son in law and I mean more than the sexual relationship. What we have together seems so right it is hard to explain how unusual our relationship is. I feel sometimes we must have been together in another lifetime because we have always been comfortable with each other long before sex was ever a thought in either of our minds I felt totally at ease with him from the very 1st time we met. We still get together as a family and when we are around our family we play the roles we should be in but when we are alone we become 2 people who couldn’t be more comfortable around each other in every way.
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I've lusted over my MIL for past 15 years, it was bad, *********** to her pics, thought about her during sex ect. Yet the taboo behind it always reminded me that it was simply a sick fantasy and I always hope to get over it. She's about 51 now, age has taken a toll on her last 10 years but still looks amazing , pretty face, sex appeal and petite AWSOME body. Last 6 months we have grown extremely close. About 4 months ago I cracked her back and her mine. It was late everyone asleep and she would always stay up with me and spill guts to me. She has really felt comfty with me last couple years to another level. I'm the only one who looks out for her when we're visiting and takes her with us everywhere. Well last couple months I actually picked up a wired vive when her hello kiss on the cheek was a little longer than usual. What do I do? The same gave her a hard long tight kiss on the cheek, better believe she caught the message.about 3 weeks ago we visited them (they're 3 hours away) and while everyone was joking she made a joke about me and as a "just kidding gesture" she give me a peck on the neck. Instinctively I knew at this point she felt the same as taboo crazy as it sounded. I googled and ask around for advise on her neck kiss. Most believe it did have a meaning no doubt. So I manufactured a plan. She has a bad arm so I told her ( anticipating ) that when she visits us I will massage her arm. Left it at that. Later that week I called her a told her I would massage her arm when all her daughters ( my wife included) went clubbing at night since it didn't look right. My father in never comes because he works weekends. I'll make a even longer story shorter. They came , we all took shots , all girls were gone and I balls up and grabbed her and took her to the extra room to massage her arm, I was so alcohol induced aggressive what I though was gonna be the tough part was easy. I keep trying to come up with plan to get her shirt off without ackwardness. Well she was on same page shirt came off instantly no objection. Baby oil all on back and arms I took off her sweat pants and again no objection. She was wearing a thong . It was surreal , weird, unreal, dream come true. My hands got deeper and deeper eventually turning her on her sides, hitting the crotch and grabbing ****. We kissed (pecks only) and my sis in law baby cried, ruined the moment. Yet I resisted my self, had a massive hard on and could have ****** her. No doubt in my mind. As the moment was over and baby kept crying I told her I didn't regret it, I'm sorry that I drank too much and went to far. Asked her to stay hush. She never objected and just asked me if my marriage was okay. Told her it is but far from perfect like any other marriage . She just told me to take care of my family. Took it so well and I think she's prob a little weirded out but game for more. We acted like nothing next day she was all smiles hanging out with my wife. The vive was like nothing happened. That was this past weekend. Can't stop thinking about and I do feel guilty but subconsciously I want more. I bet she does too. Before this I had told her I would stay with them during my off days when the wife left for a couple weeks a month from now. I might back out. Brain says stay away **** screams go for it as well as heart. My infatuations is at a max level for her even after finally touching the body I lusted for past 15 years. Don't reply negative comments , if u think I'm crazy and wrong which I am, why are u even in this thread?? Go elsewhere and continue your gutless life like the average person. U only live once please people give advise without judgement. What's done is done

m not married but i know sex with mutual consent acts as a binding agent and it ll strengthen ur relationship with ur MIL , u ve seen the ray of hope just wait for right time ....all the best bro

This is exactly what I mil is 59 and a real goody 2 shoes-however sometimes she gets a little naughty and playful. I have had a crush on her since she told me that she had not sex since her last pregnancy 23years ago..thats now 7 years burning my desire to make love to her.

You have a very lucky sil.


Sounds hot

I also have same fantasis to sex with mom in law.her hip and bobs are awsome

it such a good experience....thanks for sharing your wonderful story, me too I had affair with my second cousins....she is so wonderful and sexy

I really believe that having that excitement in both yours and your son laws makes life very enjoyable. You are a very wonderful mother in law for sharing this experience with him. I believe this is a powerful thing for everyone involved and shouldn't be avoided if there is an attraction between mother in laws and son in laws.

I really wish you were my mom in law :)

One of the best sex experience i have ever read....Thanks

im single till date .thats why no son-in-law but i have a handsome nephew.n i have affair with him

I had an affair with my cousin Bhabi.....wonderfull experience.

Hi kavita199 I m waiting for u.

what a lucky hot woman you are! I am 53 YO woman having two SILs but never had a chance to get type of opportunity. Your story makes me feel hot.

Just like me. My mil is so hot, I like to hug and ..........

i ve read this thousand times but still it gives me extra blood to tighten ma tool

can i get a chance with u

Will be adding to the story soon.