When You're At Your Lowest, Good People Come Along and Lift You Up

I've been having a difficult time at work.  I have a great job with an interesting non-profit and thoroughly enjoy my duties which is interacting with small donors.  That said, I used to have the manager from hell who was constantly putting me down in one breath then in the second breath singing my praises.  Also because I was the smartest and most efficient on my team, my colleagues were constantly dismissing any and everything coming out of my mouth as well as trying to point out every mistake I made to make me look bad because they were so insecure.  Well, about a month ago I got a new supervisor and we had a good one on one talk today.  This lady is sharp and told me what an asset to the team I was and how I was the best person on her team.  She assured me that things were going to change and that she was going to start having me train my colleagues.  I feel so much better... I feel respected... I truly feel valued.  I know I'm good, but it was really nice to hear just how good and how much respect my new supervisor has for me. 

cupcakeuniverse cupcakeuniverse
36-40, F
Feb 10, 2009