He Never Called Me Back

   He asked me "What are you wearing?" and I was taken aback."What?";"What are you wearing" and I hung up. Not 15 minutes later I pick up and I hear deep and heavy breathing .I thought to myself this guy is asking for it. He'll just keep calling if I don't do something now.

"Oh baby that is so hot" i told him. You could've heard a pin drop. And then this voice said"Really" and I lied"Really"

I told him"It made me so wet,you really turned me on" 

Yeah?he asked.

"You make me want to sit on your face"

"Oh baby,you come on" He said.

"I'm kneeling over you can you see me?"

"Oh god baby yes"He said.

"See my pretty pink ***** just inches from your face?

"Oh yes"He was almost  whispering.

,"do you want to taste me?"

"yes"he said shakily.

"Open our mouth baby"'

"My mouth is open"He whispered.

"And past my *****,can you see my *** baby?"

 "Oh god yes" he breathed.

"Good,Open wide and let me **** down your neck!"


34Einnor 34Einnor
1 Response Feb 9, 2010

LOL, funny. I bet he won't call your number again.