My Online Affair

I had a brief online affair a few years ago that briefly moved off the computer into the physical world. It didn't go quite as I would have liked, but I really have no regrets. I met her on one of those chat sites, and we hit it right off. I was (and am) married and at least 10 years her senior, she was single, beautiful and amazing in so many ways. I couldn't understand why she was initially attracted to me, but she was, and I was very into her. We quickly dumped the chat site and started emailing back and forth, then instant messaging and finally I started calling her when we were both at work. We exchanged pictures through email, and I gave her my cell number, though she never called in the evening when I was at home. She wasn't bothered by my marital status, and she didn't expect me to leave my wife for her or anything like that. We both knew our relationship would be limited and of short duration most likely. We shared many fantasy stories, and late one night when my wife was away we had phone sex. It was the one and only time I've done that, and it was amazing. I felt like we'd actually had sex.

We lived cross country from each other, but the time came when I had a business trip to her city. Before the trip happened however, she became involved with a single gentleman locally. As they were getting serious at the time of my visit, we agreed to tone down our relationship to give hers a chance. I was disappointed not to be able to have our long sought fantasy week together, but I had to give her a chance for something more than a fling if that's what she wanted. We did meet though for dinner and a stroll near a beach. I drove her home and we kissed. Then we started making out, but kept it pretty much PG-13. I could tell that she enjoyed my kissing, and she richly complimented me. Her lips were sweet and unforgetable.

We parted then and agreed to stop contacting each other. Since then I've moved, different email, different cell phone and so on. I believe this was the best way to end it, as she was not interested in anything outside her boyfriend.

So, for me the experience was really enjoyable -- I had a very hot young sexy west coast girl giving me phone sex and making out with me in person. Now it's a really good memory that I can tap into and feel really good. It never would have happened without the internet.
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Jul 13, 2010