I Have A Secret Lover,and We Had Sex!

I met this guy online. He is a parole officer and he is a divorced guy. He is also a part time actor.

He added me up in one of social networking sites and he confess his feeling towards me,although I am a married women.

He asked me for a date and it was midnight when we first met. I was not into him that much on our first,second and third date.

But he insisted on calling and texting me everyday. He lured me into his words and I started to love his company. Then,we planned our special date and gave m some money to go and see him at his place. I bought the ticket flight and that very nite,we checked into a hotel.

It was supposed to be only one night for us. But we can't get enough of each other that we continued for another night at different hotel.

We made love for six times on our first day together,and another six times next day. I never have so much sex in my life and never feel so satisfied. I had ******* for 12 times in just 2 days. I can say that he is really good in bed!!

I still want more of him and thinking about our time together really turn me on. Everytime I think of him, I will definitely **********.. And that feels so good.
melitta melitta
26-30, F
Sep 7, 2012