Found Partner Was On A Sex Website

I was reading in bed and wanted to google a word I hadn't heard before, I picked up what I though was my iPhone and tapped the internet. It wasn't my phone, it was my partners. It took me straight to a swinging website. Needless to say, my heart jumped out of my chest. We were having problems, but I never imagined anything like this was going to happen.
Luckily he was passed out next to me drunk. I went down stairs to examine what I found and found he had been on it for about 3 months. There were rude pics of him on his profile in our bedroom. Luckily for him, there were no other women on the pics as I would have ripped him apart.
Some people would probably say I should have not snooped any further as it was invading his privacy...F*&K that!
I looked at a few messaged to and from women and although they were not explicit, one msg from him to another woman did say they needed to "be discreet" as he lived with someone! I hit the roof. I saw loads of messages from him to UGLY girls with hardly anything on saying they were sexy etc...they weren't!
My heart broke there and then. Insult to injury- these girls were DOGS!!!
I then decided to read his phone messages. There were a few messages with deleted content and the numbers hadn't been saved. I wish I had written the numbers down. I found a message from a sex party organiser that made me want to vomit, telling him of where the next party was and that condoms were provided.... seedy nasty stuff
I went and woke him up to confront him.
I took him downstairs so as not to wake out 2 beautiful kids.
Showed him what I had found and he immediately apologised and was very sorry.

He said he had started going on it when we hit rock bottom, as it was a place to talk to people. He said it wasn't all about sex and not many people messaged him back (ha) He said it was mainly just chatting, and he would never have actually met anyone, he wasn't on it for that, he was just curious and liked the attention of getting messages. He said even if he would have wanted to meet any of them, he wouldn't have had the bottle to go through with it.
He rang about the sex party- he says- because he was curious about them, and he would never have gone to one. I asked him to delete the account there and then.
After seeing how hurt I was because of his actions he saw how he could have lost me and the children. I didn't trust him. I was sure he must have met someone from the site. After talking and talking and screaming at him. I think he got it. I made im realise that these women are a bunch of desperate slags and that he needed to get in the real world.

I do believe he is sorry and wont do it again.

Life has gotten better since then, and he has admitted he didn't realise how lucky he is to have me and has promised to never do anything to hurt me ever again...

I have spat in his brew a couple of times.

If anyone is doing this to their loved one... Stop and think about the impact it would have on you "real" life and get in the real world. It's just not worth the heart ache.

As I am writing this there is an advert above saying "meet local girls on LOCAL SLAGS" what is the world coming to?
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