I Want To Know My Right

i want to share my stories because i need some advice,i dont no what is really my right for this,,heres my stories,

i meet a guy that shows me so much love and care,,that time i was so hopeless and broken heart,,i tell him everything about me,and he tell me about him too,he said that he was merried for 10 years an have 1 dauther with that girl,but he never learn to love this girl,,and when he see me he dont no but he fells something in his heart that he like me the first,he become so sweet very care and show me so happiness,,and for this i fell inlove also with him but he i never tell him,because im scared to love him more and more because he have family,,our relatioship getiing strong and as long our relationsghip i fall also inlove with him,he tell me that when he first meet me he knows that he loves mefor that he never gave up to come to me,we live in different country,,then that time i tell him im not a right girl for you,but he tell me he dont care about my past because he loves me,and for that i more fell inlove with him,,he gave me all what i need,,and he tell me that one day he broke with her wife and live together with me,,and now we get baby she now 5 month old,for 3 years relationship,i get tier of waiting for his promise,,one day he tell me he broke with his wife he tell me he tell truth about me and my baby,,but when i ask him if he devorce he say no,he tell me that he cannot devorce because he will lose everything what he have,and he cannot see his dauther to his wife,,i plan im the one to broke with him because i now see that he cannot gave up everything for me,,and thats very stupi things i do in my life to love and trust him,,now i really want to know if my baby have right to ask some help from him,because she carries she father last name,,he father dont want to gave help because he want that my dauther to gave to him,because he knows that i very love my dauther,,please gave me some advise cause i dont no what to do,,we live in different country and for this its hard for me to force him to gave help our baby,,

analis analis
26-30, F
Dec 12, 2012