Present Tense-i Am Having An Online Affair

This website has brought me so much I could never have expected. I joined because I am in a failing marriage. All things have been tried and we cannot make it work. Others, both men and women, have shared similar stories to mine and I have formed many bonds with them. I am moving forward and I am leaving him. There is much time to get things finalized so I can move on. In the course of sharing my story and writing my feelings I have developed a friendship with another married man in a similar situation. He's like the male version of me. Our chemistry was almost instant. He is not ready to leave his wife but we have definitely started an intense sexual cyber affair over the last month. He has no idea how much I think about him, how much talking to him each day matters to me. He satisfies me in ways I don't think he fully gets. I want so badly for this to be real, not a cyber affair. I am leaving anyway, and if he did, I have to wonder if this could become something real. It is probably just a dream for me. I know in the end, my heart will probably get broken but for now it feels amazing. I never would have imagined getting caught up like this but when you suffer for years in a marriage and someone else truly gets that pain, it really only seems natural that the connection be there. He pleases me, he satisfies me, he makes me feel things I have never felt.
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you are not alone :)

My husband was having many affairs at the same time. Telling them all they were the only one and our marriage was bad.

Our marriage was bad because Ha was always on his phone and computer and not engaging in family activities or divorcing me to seek a better life for himself.

The tears he shed when I found out and told him it was over. Haha. Too funny

People love attention, if this dude knows your a click away, there are others he is doing the same things with. Why do women make it so easy for men. No dinner, no movie, just uplifting messages. Sounds kinda lame. Maybe an ego boost but a real man would pursue me more off the Internet than on.

My gut tells me you're not the only one.

This strikes such a cord. I am having a cyber affair at the moment which is bringing us much fun laughter and sensational pleasure. We are both in marriages with children and do not want to leave the family home but also do not want to have a affair. We email whenever we can and speak on the phone on a regular basis, she says the sound of my voice is enough to send her heart racing, I love her laugh and sense of fun. We both try and think of ways in making what we have as fun and erotic as possible.
It hasn't affected my home life, I know some will look down there noses at me but it is my bit of fun and it may end sooner rather than later but while it lasts ...... Wow

The Story Of My Life. Thanks for shearing. I have many good friends on the net - and now I found a bit too young cyber-byddy - and everything I need - sex and self confidence.
This is an affair - I know I am stupid, but I need someone who tells me I am a flirt and looking good. We do not want to end up in the real bed....

you said your relationship has been dying for a while and you talk about it to another that is possibly in the same scenario. you gained feelings for this man and he wont leave his wife. you only mentioned cyber so i don't know any other means of communication. but if he likes you ad his marriage is falling apart then he should communicate with the wife and end it. not to drag her and you along. things need to be done sad but try. the longer it takes the less time you have to move on. witch brings me to my main question and point. you were and or still are married and you didnt like it couldnt stand it so you talked and another responded. how long did you wait for your relationship to end and your new one to begin? what you may be feeling is a new start. it may feel great and exciting but that may be it. it is new you have alot to talk and do and everythign else just like how every relationship starts. final words... take it slow set things straight leave no strings attached and be careful. any one can be hard broken but no one should have to be a third wheel in a relationship

Thanks for your words. You make some really good points.

If you want to leave your husband, fine. But don't go messing with another woman's husband. That would be selfish. It's tough advice, but it's the truth.

He is a willing participant. I didn't seek him out for this. His marriage is as broken as mine. He knows it.

Always remember things aren't as they seem

Unfortunately there is an excellent chance you are correct; your heart will get broken, but I think you probably need the confirmation that you are worth being loved. This is also a much safer way of doing it. Wish you the best.