I've been having an online affair with a married man for 6 months now. It started out as talking ( I guess they all do). It has progressed to something more. We have tried to break it off several times. Twice before we got caught and they last about 2 days each. Now his wife knows. He's "ended" three times so far. Each time I've tried to stay away. He comes back to me. He's told me he loves me and doesn't want to lose me. You have to understand his marriage was awful before I even came in the picture. The fought a lot and when not fighting they just didn't talk. He works all the time and she spends it as fast as he makes it. He says he wants to leave, but that's easier said than done. He can't afford a mortgage, 2 car payments, all the other bills and child and spousal support. She just started working in the last 2 weeks. I know someone's going to get hurt, I've spent days crying over this. His wife sends me nasty messages such as " hahaha my husband doesn't want u b_tch." She found our old cell phone and called me from it the other day. Course I was on another line with her husband and wouldn't have answered anyway. I know all the reasons everyone says it won't work, but I'm not younger than his wife, I'm 3 yrs older. I'm not thinner, pretty, smarter, none of those things. I like the same movies he does, his wife doesn't. He and I have more in common than he and she does. She won't let him see his children from a pervious marriage, she's always hated his parents. I know it's not right, but why does it have to be wrong? Why does everyone say we don't really feel what we feel? We make each other smile every day. We make each other happy. Just because we haven't hooked up in real life yet, doesn't mean we can't care about each other. We share things, we talk. It's not all about the cybersex like his wife thinks. I'm just confused by what I feel and what others say I should feel.
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I know what your feeling, don't doubt what you feel. If it hurts too much I would try to walk away but if it would hurt more to walk away then try to make it work for you. being 'the other woman' is painful but if you make him happy that's all that should matter. I was recently lectured on 'guidelines for being a mistress' not what I wanted to hear but it bring slight to a lot of things I have been feeling with my 'online affair'

Let your heart guide you, don't doubt those feelings unless they hurt too much . . . sometimes the heart doesn't know what it wants until it finds what it wants. There will always be haters, let them live in negativity, focus on what's good for you . .Message me to talk further privately if you like, here for you !


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