I Had An Online Relationship...what A Stupid Mistake....

When I was 12 years old, I got into an online relationship with this girl named Tessa., soon after I found out that I was bisexual. The relationship seemed to be going well at first. But about 6 months into it, she started messing around with all these guys and exposing herself on the internet. She kept dating all these guys at the same time as she was dating me, without even telling me about it, and when I found out she told me that I would just have to live with it or she would leave me. I really loved that girl. We were "engaged," although not really because we were young and there was no ring, and she lived in a completely different state than me. That relationship finally ended in August of 2009, I ended it, after all the crap she put me through I finally had enough. She hates me now. But I don't care.I don't need someone like her in my life, not after everything she did to me.

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thank you.

it is nice knowing this wasn't just experienced by myself.