Oobe's Are Awesome!!!

I've had two oobes and am trying to have more.I suffer with Severe ADHD,and it is difficult for me.If you ever wanted to go anywhere in this universe,(or other universes )in time,present time,or in the future,this is the best most awesome way to travel ever!!!If you think I'm a little crazy,try it for yourself!! Also,it doesn't interfere with your spiritual beliefs.I am going to keep on trying.Other than the births of my children,this is the most awesome experience of my life!!!
catragon2 catragon2
1 Response May 13, 2012

awesome I've had one too I thought I was sleeping but I saw my wallpaper up close like I could kiss it and I zoomed into it to get that close.. and wondered wait why am I in my room and not in a dream? oo wierd.. but no real thoughts just feelings of what this was.