Pyloric Stenosis

My grandson had surgery on Monday for this condition.  Two small scars and one small scar at belly button. Went to hospital very sick and is now gaining weight and not crying in pain nearly so much.  Poor baby.  He is only five weeks old and I am so grateful for the internet as it helped my daughter diagnose the situation. Her Dr. said he had GERD and prescribed medication.  It makes me wonder how many children are misdiagnosed and then do not make it due to lack of nutrition.  She was very proactive and used her intuition to get him to the emergency room and into surgery in time.  I'd never heard of this and pray he will be healthy going forward.  Those surgeries in the past saved lives for sure and the laproscopic surgeries today are much better.  Who cares what the stomach or scars look like if the person can live and help others to deal with the condition.

pmich pmich
May 9, 2012