I Am A Girl And I Had Pyloric Stenosis

Apparantly its rarer for a girl to have it. I can't believe there is a group for this :) I've seen some pictures of some verticle scars that are really quite large. Mine is small and horizontal. It is easily covered. Before I hit puberty, I was skinnier and my scar was just a small, white line. When I started to get a little bigger the scar became more indented. I already wrote about my experiece in another group so if you'd like to read it, look up my stories.

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Hi I had pyloric stenosis in 1965 my son had it 26 years later in 1991 so don't know if there is a hereditary thing going on here

Me too!

Belly scars from early surgery tend to become sunken as the scar tissue is dense and not elastic and the rest of us grows. All part of our story.