Outside Myself

I was a curious teen, I'm 42 now. I was curious about mental telepathy, out of body experience and psychic energy. I took out books from the library on these things. I decided to try to have an out of body experience. I was at home alone it was extremely quiet, I closed my eyes sitting with my legs folded on my bed and focused. It felt like i was falling asleep and slowly my spirit was leaving my physical body. I kept going up in my room, I looked down and saw my body with my eyes closed and my legs folded. It was both scary and exciting. I was mostly afraid that i would keep floating and not be able to come back, so i didn't allow myself to leave the room and pulled back into my body. I was so surprised at how easily i was able to leave and come back with such control. I was too chicken to try it again.
joyfloat joyfloat
41-45, F
Dec 6, 2012