I Had Three Out Of Body Experiences And A Near-death Experience

I had three out of body experiences (OBEs) and a near-death experience (NDE).

I was in a car crash. The car rolled and slammed me onto the ground, face first. Then it whacked me in the back of the head too.

The injuries were from the left eye's orbit, across its orbital ridge to above that and across my forehead to the right temple and down to the right ear canal. That made a clan shell-like flexing that relieved the pressure that normally kills the brain. As well, my eyes were swollen shut. No light could pass through my eyelids for ten days
• OBE1 was in a hospital emergency room.
• OBE2 was in my hospital patient room.
• OBE3 was a period of time when I would rise up just enough to identify the visiting person next to my bed.
• The NDE accompanied OBE1.

Although my eyes didn't work, when I was OBE, I could see everything clearly and in perfect detail. Because of OBE1, I was able to tell Mom where she met the doctor outside the room I was in--seeing through the wall--and what they discussed.

Because of OBE2 I was able to tell Mom in clockwise order the color of the flowers and the vase. She would then tell me what the card said and who sent them. They were all dead by the time I regained my sight.

Because of OBE3 I was able to identify correctly each visitor who came into my room during that time.

My NDE took me to the City of Light to meet family who had passed away and to be interviewed by the interviewer.

That is why my book is named Encouraged by the Light. And available at www,encouragedbythelight,com where you can also take the simulated tunnel trip to see what that is like!

BoscoMachque BoscoMachque
61-65, M
Jan 3, 2012