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I was about 10 years old my day had been normal I hadn't done anything out of the ordinary I had gone to bed as normal when I remember dreaming that I was floating in the corner of my bedroom I could see myself asleep in my bed it was such a wonderful feeling I wish I could describe it. It was then my sister came into my room I watched her check that I was sleeping then I saw her take a favourite top of mine out of my wardrobe now as she left the room she knocked over a glass of water on my bedside table she replaced the glass and left my room. I remember just floating peacefully in the corner just lapping up the feeling I was having, then all of a sudden I just awoke as normal the next morning I was feeling a little strange and unsure of what had happened so I went straight into my sister's bedroom and confronted her about the item of clothing she said she knew I was pretending to be asleep but I told her I was watching her from elsewhere now where my bed was positioned it was impossible for me to see what it was she took and I also checked the floor for the wet patch from the water that was split and it was there the wet patch was there. My sister and I still talk about that experience it was extremely weird
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I love them, they are so cool and the more you have, the greater control you develop. I have discovered (through trial and error) that the secret to ending up somewhere you want to be, is to control your thoughts..think only of the place, or person you want to go to and you will get there. Getting distracted can lead to literally bouncing all over the place. This mental discipline has served me well in other situations.

Wow that is so cool! Never had one, but am waiting for it...probably why I never had one...lol

I've had one before also its really trippy, but the difference from yours and mine where when i had this crazy feeling, it was from smoking weed, i think the weed was laced with something, I'm not sure what but i remember walking but i wasn't controlling my legs, and i was feeling like i was watching over my own shoulder, it was really trippy i even cried, from fear that i was gonna run in front of a car and die, i had absolutely no control over my legs, or another part of my body, so i cried, that was the only time I've cried from weed.


I believe in Astral projection and travel. I had a dream once I was in a parking lot with a family member. It was like a hardware store like Home Depot. I collapsed and somehow I knew I was dead. I started floating above myself watching all the commotion and spectators surrounding me. I saw the paramedics pull up and get out of their ambulence. I woke up shortly after that but it felt so real and vivid. I believe that I had an outer body experience through this dream.

that is weird but kind of cool, that has never happened to me but sometimes in my dreams, I know that I am just dreaming

That is kind of cool. I never had anything like that happen. But I did have one neat experience. Before one of my meditations I usually put on environmental music and before I got ready I said lets go. The music on my computer started and it was the music I use for my meditation. weird, lol.