Trip To Heaven

this was an experience that had never happened to me. It was in between a lucid dream and an out of the body experience couldn't tell the difference. It all started as a normal dream were i had woken up in the middle of the night. IN the dream i remember i stood up to open the shades to look outside my window. I saw my backyard just as it is. what i saw was a winter environment. Trees with no leaves and really dark outside. The only light there was was the moon light. I could also hear lots of sirens. Its seemed almost as if the world was a dark dangerous place. I then left the shades open and laid back down but as soon as i closed my eyes to go back to sleep i found my self in a tunnel that was going up and It felt like i was flying through space. After a second i opened my eyes and found myself looking out the window again but this time i didn't see darkness neither trees with no leaves. I remember seeing the ground a couple of inches below my window that i could step out side with no danger of falling and that's exactly what i did. I opened my window and stepped outside and started to look around the environment was also winter but a very different peaceful view. I saw kids that looked really happy playing with snow that was on ground some girls were picking plowers out from the snow like if it was summer and the only clothes they had on were white robes. I Also saw elderly people most of them were women most of them were sowing and talking and others were working. I also noticed that there was an ginormous big wooden door next to the window i stepped out of But just as i was gonna wonder off to see more i heard a really familiar voice that came from behind me saying hey!. I turned around and there she it was my grandma who is no longer alive. She had white hair and a big bright smile. She was sitting on a rock and was sowing she then put the sowing aside and told me to walk towards her . I found myself standing in front of her and felt like hugging her but something wasn't letting me it felt like if she could read my thoughts and was telling me not to hug her. Then she started talking to me at first i could just see her lips moving but i couldn't hear what she was saying. I know she was telling me to do something because i remember telling her that I couldn't do it. And then i heard her say.. what do you mean you cant do it? your a strong boy. But i really didn't know what she wanted me to do.... Then a woman came from behind a door and said... Its time) then my grandma said said it was time for me to go. I started walking towards the window i originally came through from. I looked inside the window and i saw my room i stepped inside it and then i looked back outside and my grandma was still there. she told me to close the window but i felt really peaceful and good that i didn't want to close it i wanted to leave it open so that could come back. But then she gave me a smile and said it wasn't my time. So i started to close the window and as soon as it was shut every thing went back to normal. I Was back on earth and i could see the trees with no leaves and the moon was still out. I then closed the shades and laid down as soon as i closed my eyes to go to sleep i officially woke up. I was back in my physical body but i still felt really peaceful and happy. The only thing was that my body was really heavy and tired like if i had no sleep it was 6:25 A.m when i woke up. 5 min before i had to get ready for school. At school i felt really sleepy like if i didnt sleep all night. And that was it. WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK ABOUT MY EXPERIENCE?
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Wow! You just hit the nail right on the head. I just posted a story with very similar aspects. I felt the same physical high, spoke to "beings" about important things I can not remember no matter how much I try, woke up only after I re-entered my body, and had a border I was not supposed to cross. Many other similarities as well. I'm glad I decided to read these after my own post.

Yep, you had an OBE. I had an NDE-there is a story about it here. You described it pretty well. I have noticed three similarities btw our stories. Body feeling heavy and tired afterward, the symbolic architecture (the door in your and the bridge in my case as a border btw the worlds) and the inability to remember a vital part of the conversation. That one still bugs me to this day, cause I know we discussed things important for both me, humanity, planet and Universe as a whole. Great story!