Yes I Have Astral Projected (obe), Creeps Me Out O.o Lol

I refer to Out of body experiences as astral projection ^_^

It actually started with sleep paralysis when I was 13. I had no idea it was actually the precursor to astral projection until 2 years later when I came across astral projection, was curious and finally was able to have my own. When I first asked people on the internet about astral projected, they laughed and said it was so not real, and you'd have to be high to have one. Of course, I try to keep my mind open so I did more search into it and got an idea of what it would be like. One night, it just happened o.o I felt that sleep paralysis, that somewhat horrible feeling of vibrations, noises, and the ominous feeling in the room, and everything just clicked. I was like "oh my god, this is what happened to me when I was 13, this was actually what I have been searching for all along."

So, I kept still and relaxed, and about two minutes into the sleep paralysis, I kid you not folks, this was the freakiest of the freaky, my other body (soul, spirit, other body, whatever it is) just slipped out next to me. I was too terrified, so I thrashed around until I ended up back in my body. Mind blowing experience I tell yee.

After a few times of having these projections, I figured out the general way you have them. Your mind has to be awake while your body is asleep. (hence going into the sleep paralysis.)

My experience in general have been awesome. I haven't encountered anything negative, just weird lol. Stuff in the astral is not quite 100% like things on the physical. I know sometimes the items in my room are switched around. So it's not accurate, but nonetheless it's just awesome. You are fully conscious as you just "glide" around.

I haven't been able to get out of my house much yet. I'd love to and be able to see earth with my own soul, lol? Mostly I just run around my house bouncing off walls or dragging myself around...sometimes it can be hard to move lol. My experiences don't last two long. Usually about 2 minutes, and then I get dragged back in. Some people have made them last a long time though.

If you got through this, thanks for reading ^_^ If you are interested to see what an astral projection (OBE) is like, you should really check out this quirky animated video about it.

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Thanks for the post. "items in my room are switched around" ? hmm. Might be hallucinations. Have been doing some research. The pineal gland is suspected to produce a psychedelic compound called DMT. They say more DMT in the brain gives a more realistic feeling of the hallucination. I'm still not sure if all these astral travel claims are for real or not. Like in your case, many OBE experiences claim that they were seeing objects, colours, white lights, physical body sleeping etc. But that is no evidence of your spirit ( if there is one ) actually leaving the body. If it was for real, you should see everything in the room intact and possibly identify fallen objects which you were not aware of before. Having said that, their could be people out there who know the correct meditation technique to evade the hallucination/dream part and enter another astral plane.

Great post a lot of people have a hard time getting past the fear of the unknown myself included.

im about to check out that video. i know exactly what u are talking about! when i have sleep paralysis, that little bit about feeling like u have the choice of staying in ur body or "going on" scares the crap outta me. cuz a few times i was tempted to "go". but i had this forboding feeling that there were not nice things on the other side. perhaps thats why its recommended to "project" with a "guide", usually under the influence of some sort of chemical substance.

:P I don't believe in guides, but I dunno. Yeah, when you are in sleep paralysis, it feels like there are ominous things around, but usually that goes away once you leave your body.

Hehe, no you don't need to be under the influence of anything. Though my guess why some people can do it under the influence of weird things is because it relaxes the brain and body enough to trigger the sleep paralysis.

It surprised me too. When one sees themselves sleeping its startling. I am glad you stayed with it..

Thanks for your comment :)