I Used To Call this....floating

when i was 18,these out of body experiences used to happen to me.i would go to bed,in what ever posation,once i fell asleep,i heard the buzzing,and could feel the buzzing go through my whole body,the feeling to me was that i was being sucked out of the bed,i would go asleep with my hand holding the back of the head board,because i did not want to float,i was so frightend,it happened me so often,that,thats the way i went to sleep,with my hand holding the back of my headboard,so i cudnt be made to float.i thought to myself 1 night.when i go to bed,im going to float and c what happens.so i went to bed,didnt hold on to the head board and floated on to my landing,and im floating still in the lying down posation,but it scared me,and i held on to my bannisters,and eventually went back to my body,,scary,,i would tell my mum of these things,but she had never had 1...i moved home,,,and they started happening again.felt the buzzing sound,an like a heaviness all over my body,and this thing was standing at the side of my bed,it had a black cloak on,hood pulled up,no face..that scared the life out of me..i would love sum1 to tel me wat the buzzing noise is,y i floated,wat was this thing in black cloak..thankfully these experiences havent happend in a lot of yrs,but i think about them often,with all these un answered questions..they startd happening just after my boyfriend died suddenly,some people say trauma trickers these.i used to think it was sumthing to do with my boyfriend,that he wantd me to die as well,and join him...im glad i only seen that black cloaked figure just the once that was terrifying...thanks 4 reading

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Hey hun I understand what your going through this may sound scary but what you saw was a demon. They usually like to attack and frighten us at night that's why you couldn't move. I promise you the closer you get to God the more the attacks will come right now they are just passive aggressive (ignorance is bliss huh?) don't worry the love of God surpasses any demonic attack. Whenever you feel frightened and threatened pray rebuke them in the name of Jesus and ask for your angels to be dispatched. Be Blessed.

Hi 15littlecupcakes. I used to have this kind of experience quite often as a youngster Sometimes it can be caused by being 'Anaemic or a Silent Asthmatic'.Unknowingly at the time l did suffer from both conditions. l also 'saw' a scary man dressed in black at the side of my bed, l went on to become quite ill. l sometimes think that when we are feeling 'run down or under the weather' as they used to say ,we can experience these things which come from our subconscious fears.Apart from these experiences l have actually died and come back and have had an out of body experience.

ive also experienced same things,id be ready 2 sleep and a buzzing noise would go through me,i knew i was awake but couldn open my eyes,.i would try 2 move but couldnt,it was as if something was holding me down,its an awful feeling not being in control,or able 2 move,it would last for minutes tryn 2 get out of it an when u did id be afraid of closing my eyes again.i think its all mind related even tho ur half awake aaaarh

not really into it but think it might have something to do with astral travel where your spirit leaves your body when you sleep and you go to different places. That's not something I want to get into but have read about it in a few what people call new age books.